AIJ Opens in a Tiny Window

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AIJ Opens in a Tiny Window

I just got a new computer with a high-resolution display and AstroImageJ is tiny. I have gone to properties and have tried running the program with the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" both checked and unchecked. It is set up to run 64-bit and is using the latest version of Java.

I tried downloading ImageJ to see if that was any different and set it up with the same version of Java and everything and it opens at a reasonable size. Below is a link to a screenshot of ImageJ and AstroImageJ on my desktop. Thanks!
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Re: AIJ Opens in a Tiny Window

Hi DavidS,

I have a laptop with a 4K high res display. I tested the scenario and
see the same improperly displayed AIJ toolbar as in your screenshot. The
ImageJ version that AIJ is built on top of is a few releases behind the
current standalone ImageJ release, so I expect there have been changes
to accommodate the new "Change the size of text, apps, and other items"
scaling option in the Windows 10 display settings panel. Unfortunately,
updating the version of ImageJ that is part of AIJ has become a fairly
big task, so I can't commit to do this in the near term, but maybe I can
allocate the time in a couple of months.

AIJ is not the only program that I use that doesn't display properly
with the scaling option set to something other than 100%, so on my high
res laptop, I have resorted to changing my actual display driver
resolution rather than using the new windows scaling option mentioned
above. I always leave that set to 100%, and just change the display
driver resolution to change the size of things on the display. When I am
operating a telescope using the laptop, I use the actual 4K display mode
with 100% scaling to give the most screen real estate possible. Then for
everyday use, I change the resolution to 1920x1080 to reduce eye strain.
Since that gives exactly 2x2 pixels for every one pixel at 1920x1080, I
don't see the usual crappy fonts that show up for instance if you set an
old 1920x1080 screen to a non-native resolution.

I realize that my current mode of operation probably doesn't help with
how you want to use your new machine, so I will do my best to fix this
issue as soon as I can get a chance.

If any other high res display user has found a better work around for
this issue, please let us all know.

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Re: AIJ Opens in a Tiny Window

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried running at 1080p and 100% scaling and at least now AIJ is usable. Thankfully I don't need to use AIJ all that often so I will just change my display to 1080p and scaling to 100%  whenever I use it.

 Thanks again,