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AstroImageJ and ImageJ2


First I would like to say thanks to the developers for their great work.  I am coming from an IRAF and Python background, but I am starting to use AstroImageJ for educating students and had a few questions.

1) Are there any plans or efforts to pack AstroImageJ with a newer version of ImageJ?  ImageJ has really come a long way, in particular the newer versions offer scripting support in many languages (including Ruby, Python, R, and others).

2) How difficult would it be to provide localization support?  I know SalsaJ, for example, has some kind of support for languages other than English.

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Re: AstroImageJ and ImageJ2

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, I do not have a near-term plan to migrate AIJ to ImageJ2.
I'm not 100% sure of what is required to support the scripting
capabilities, but that might be an additional effort, since AIJ is not
currently designed with that intent in mind. I'll definitely keep it as
a long term goal though. At one time, I tried to implement localization
support, but had problems. The main issue is that some parts of AIJ are
hardcoded to look for a "period" when performing certain functions.
Those issues can all be fixed given enough time and effort, but I expect
the main difficulty would be testing for all of the different
combinations. Unfortunately, the AIJ development team pretty much
consists of one person (yours truly), and I've been so busy with the
science part of my work lately that I have fallen far behind where I
want to be on my AIJ development to-do list. Nevertheless, I'll do my
best to work on an ImageJ2 port and localization when I can get time.